In your eyes

(Fantasy, 117 minutes – 2005)
The story of Terence, a fervent believer since childhood of the existence of phantasmagorical creatures of legends. 
An ironic and poetic film that brings back intense emotions and come back a bit ‘all children.
Once great, enrolled at the university of biology, will do everything to find a mysterious creature and present it at the university symposium as a thesis. He will succeed, making everyone remain incredulous and amazed. An exceptional guest for the first time as an actor, the great Bruno Pizzul.

Spectacular locations located between Val Tramontina and Val Colvera.

Original Title: NEI TUOI OCCHI
Year: 2005
Country: ITALIA
Lenght: 117 ca.
Genre: Comedy – Fantasy


Piergiorgio Giacomello (Terenzio adult) e Davide Rota (Terenzio child)
Marco Cocitto e Gianluca Bertuzzi (university friends), Narcisio Levan (Bacò), Marta Massarutti, Adriano Sabotto, Bruno Pizzul (the Professor)


Producer: Christian Canderan, Script and Direction: Christian Canderan, Editing: Christian Canderan and Manuel Mendoza, Music: Marco Giardina

Shooting format: SD 
Sound: Mono
Screening format: AVI FILE
Distribution: SUNFILMS
International Prime: Spilimbergo – Cinema Miotto, September 30th 2005