La Piave, a river tales

(Documentary, 55 minutes – 2013)

An exciting journey from the springs to the mouth of the sacred river to the homeland. Places, stories and characters come together in this fascinating naturalistic-anthropological documentary.

The words, the faces, the stories of the people interviewed accompany the viewer to the rediscovery of the Piave as a great mother and water as a living and vital element. The river is the emblematic case of how the watercourses have been exploited and artificially exploited in our country, and more generally than men today have moved away from the rivers and the water, reducing it to that impersonal stream that comes out of the faucets of home. The look at the river is not a nostalgic turning to a mythical past that will not return, but has the claim to bring us all, today, to the natural elements that we can still find in our territory. Research a recovery of the link with water and land, with natural elements, which are not only to be exploited, but also represent a heritage to be defended.

Director Elisa Cozzarini